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Across Arizona, Civitan Foundation, Inc. provides high-quality program for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs) that promote opportunities for greater independence, inclusivity, and an enhanced quality of life. Since the founding of Camp Civitan in 1968, Civitan Foundation, Inc. has continually developed dynamic programs and services to meet the needs of our members and their families, and what our members CAN DO.

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Through Civitan’s Pre-Employment Program “I learned how to take the bus, and how to go anywhere” and having that skill “means freedom for me. I don’t have to worry about anyone else taking me anywhere ever again.” – Alicia, Member

Meaningful Career Training & Employment

“I love dressing the mannequins and doing the display cases. I love seeing my work on display. My favorite thing is when a customer buys one of my mannequin displays. It makes me feel proud.” – Tracy, Flerish Member Staff

Person-Centered Learning

“It’s amazing to be able to send Jacob to a place where the staff is really well-trained and understand how to interact with Jacob in a way that’s respectful and allows him to fully participate, and grow, and learn things, but not at a rate or in a way that’s frustrating.” 
– James, Member’s Father

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Accessible Camping Experiences

“Camp inspires me to be myself and to help others be more themselves. It’s the one place that I don’t feel like I have a disability…because I’m treated like a human being, not my disability.” – Christine, Camp Civitan Camper

Community Exploration & Engagement

After a tour at a local fashion incubator, Erica found a passion for “modeling at fashion shows and providing valuable insight to designers of garments for people with disabilities.” – Connie, Civitan Village Instructor

Transformative Growth

“When I first met Sam, he did not speak at all. He would sometimes write down a note on a piece of paper and hand it to me if there was something he wanted me to know. Eventually, he got more comfortable with his friends here at Civitan, got more courageous to explore instruments and making sounds, and now he’s very gregarious.” – Elliott, Civitan Village Instructor

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Anthony's Story Highlight

“It’s been a nine-year journey since Anthony walked into my class at Civitan, just for the fun of it. Now, he’s a member of our staff, teaching our members how to develop their skills just like he did.”  Merilee, Civitan Foundation Art Director

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